Plant Equipment:

(4) 4 ½ inch extruders, (2) 6 inch extruders, (1) 2 ½ inch extruder, (1) 53mm twin screw extruder, (1) 4,000lb blender and (3) 6,000lb blenders Testing Lab: (2) injection molding machines and (1) 1 ½ inch extruder.

Physical property testing capabilities:

Tensile and Flexural Strength, Modulus, Melt Flow Index, Notched Izod, Gardner Impact, Ductility, Heat Distortion, Rubber Compression Set, Shrink, Die C Tear, Mooney Viscosity, Shore Hardness and Moisture Content.

Custom Color Capabilities:

Our color matching software enables Nova Polymers to produce all products in standard and custom colors with color controls under a Delta of one or less guaranteeing lot to lot consistency.