Impact Modifier For PP/PE
  • Convert Homopolymer Into Copolymer
    With 10% NOVALENE
  • Upgrade Recycled Scrap PP & PE
    To Prime Properties
  • Eliminate Brittleness - Improve Low
    Temperature Properties
Add impact strength and control costs at the same time. NOVA Polymers introduces NOVALENE, a new impact mdifier for homopolymer PP and HDPE.

Flexibility In Use Adds Up To Many Pluses

NOVALENE is a reliable, economical impact modifier, ideal for use by molders and compounds of polypropylene and polyethylene. The addition of NOVALENE in the prescribed amount, even to scrap, can raies IZOD levels to the no-breaking point, even at very low temperatures.
NOVALENE Upgrades Your Compounds With Low Loading Levels!

NOVALENE is supplied as a free-flowing pellet, making it ideal for blending at the injection molding machine or extruder.

  1. Upgrades scrap PP homopolymer to copolymer with 5-15% loading
  2. Ideal for recycling programs
  3. With optimum mixing you can attain 8+ IZOD with 15% in homopolymer PP
  4. Improves ductility and low temperature properties
  5. Solves cracking and brittleness probles inPE and PP with low levels of loading
  6. NOVALENE is dry-blendable and can be added directly into injection and extrusion equipment
  7. Optimum properties require good mixing and dispersion techniques generally aquired with screen packs, mixing screws, and maximum back pressure settings
  8. NOVALENE also enables compounders to produce proprietary TPO & TPE compounds
OTHER PROPERTIES: The chart below shows you other properties you can achieve with NOVALENE.

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