Plant Equipment

(4) 4 ½ inch extruders, (2) 6 inch extruders, (1) 2 ½ inch extruder, (1) 53mm twin screw extruder, (1) 4,000lb blender and (3) 6,000lb blenders Testing Lab: (2) injection molding machines and (1) 1 ½ inch extruder.

Physical Property Testing Capabilities

Tensile and Flexural Strength, Modulus, Melt Flow Index, Notched Izod, Gardner Impact, Ductility, Heat Distortion, Rubber Compression Set, Shrink, Die C Tear, Mooney Viscosity, Shore Hardness and Moisture Content.

Custom Color Capabilities

Our color matching software enables Nova Polymers to produce all products in standard and custom colors with color controls less than a 1.0 Delta E, guaranteeing lot to lot consistency.